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The importance of finding Robin Hood – your sidekicks in life!

It was 8.30am at a Boost Juice stall that this idea first sneaked into my mind. I was up since 4am getting some business activities done after returning from my travels in Melbourne the night before.

My body was starved and dehydrated and the first thing that came to my mind was a chunky protein shake at Boost. So I went hunting when the necessary work was done and had the most refreshing shake that gave me the boost (pun intended) my body craved. But I also stumbled on a book on display by Janine Allis, the founder of Boost Juice.

I recognised Janine from Shark Tank and later come to learn of her business endeavours and success. I glanced through the book and found this.

Yeah, I totally felt that slurping up my morning juice. It’s kind of silly to think that a simple juice can make you feel so pumped. But all I can say is that biological need coupled with good branding can pack a punch to someone’s energy levels.


The other thing I noticed was a tip to success that she shared – to marry well or to find the right life partner to support you.

And I agree to a great degree that the right partner can bring out your hidden potential and assist in one’s success.. IMMENSELY. Though I prefer to think of it more broadly as having the right individuals around you to support you. Your better half is not the deal breaker in your success. Even if he/she is not the rock in your world, the power is still largely in your hands to believe in yourself and make things happen.


Personally, it’s about finding the robin hoods in your life – your true fans & supporters – whether they are direct family, friends, business partners or mentors. They could also be different people for different areas of your life. There are robin hoods for your relationships, your work/business activity, your finances… etc. and your ability to seek these people out, recognise them, build and protect those relationships can absolutely boost your results, fun and fulfilment in life.

I learnt from a business mentor that success is not created in a bubble and I resonated with that immediately. Being an independent character, it felt challenging to embrace that idea right away. But I knew, deep down, that it was the people by my side that gave me little nudges, or said yes even in the smallest ways, that allowed me to keep the faith & belief when the going got tough. Even when someone is not totally on board with your goals, ideas and vision, any expression of support counts to your morale (from my personal experience at least).


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The right sidekicks and support mentors will add to your spice of life

Whether you’re shooting for big goals or simply trying to navigate through life, seek out and identify the robin hoods in your life. They could be someone you know, or be random strangers that become acquaintances. I’ve had such serendipitous experiences meeting amazing people and mentors just just by showing up and being totally open to what is available out there.


The Robin Hoods in your life are not just there to support you, they can also point you in the right direction or provide great ideas to solve your problems. If you go with that mindset when finding the sidekicks in your life, you can’t go wrong. I like to think of this circle of people as my dream team. I want to be a part of their dream team as much as I want them to be part of mine. It’s a 2 way street that sets the stage for amazing synergy, co-creation, creativity and magic.

Every hero has a side kick. Their powers are understated but they can be critical for you to reach new heights in life. Keep them close, cherish them, support them and they will do the same for you too.