The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod – Book Review

I seem to be on a roll with miracle mornings. I have picked up sign after sign to have better mornings and it has been such a blessing.

Your mornings set the tone for the day and the strong benefits of developing morning habits is something you can only experience by taking action. i.e. do it, commit to it and discover the benefits for yourself. Merely reading a book won’t really change much for you.


miracle morning hal elrod book review abundant-minds abundant minds seline
Enjoying a morning read at my local park by the river.


I have high recommendations for the book because the strategies worked well for me – at least the ones I implemented. While I struggled initially to get a new morning routine in place, it took no longer than a week for me to settle in and wake up earlier to practice my morning miracle routine.

What I love most about the book is that it contains an actionable strategy. Plainly – S.A.V.E.R.S or Silence – Affirmations – Visualisation – Exercise – Reading – Scribing.

Structure is so important in developing new habits and making them stick. I believe that is a strong reason why so many people have managed to implement and get positive results.

I love that Hal also keeps the door open for his audience to make it a really simple and quick routine, for those that are not used to getting up early or having morning routines. He suggests that the whole routine can be condensed into a few minutes, which can be a great way to start.

Beyond that, the activities in the morning routine are highly effective. That would be the undoubted reason why the book has such great feedback. It simply works. The psychological and mental benefits of the strategy works in silent ways but naturally makes you want more of it. Sooner than later, a miracle morning routine becomes ingrained into your daily life. seline chan abundant minds online business

This is a great book for beginners who do not yet have a morning routine. The structure makes it so simple for anyone to implement and get results from. The tips and explanations will also guide someone through the purpose and implementation of each activity.

However, the book may not be the complete stunner for those that have already researched into their own perfect morning routine. The S.A.V.E.R.S strategy can also be implemented and understood on a deeper level factoring in personal thought and behaviour patterns. There are different ways to practice silence (believe it or not) and some could be more powerful than others depending on the individual. Some methods of implementation I’ve come across include focusing on breath, focusing on a single object, noticing sounds around you, etc.. For exercise, different individuals may choose to develop their exercise activity differently depending on specific health or fitness goals they may have.

The book is kept simple to understand and implement on broad terms but may lack the depth for those looking to sharpen or improve their morning routine.

Another aspect to having a MIRACLE morning routine, I believe, also depends on the individual’s clarity on their goals and purpose. The book delves into this factor but it deserves to be reinforced. Directing the S.A.V.E.R.S strategy towards a clear purpose and goal can set the stage for real miracles.


miracle morning hal elrod book review abundant-minds abundant minds seline chan

This book is highly recommended for anyone who does not yet have a morning routine. The simple steps and strategy will deliver results for those seeking greater energy and productivity in their lives. It excites me to know that this handbook exists to get people on the path of leading happier and more fulfilled lives through having great mornings. I will certainly recommend them to peers, friends and family looking for that morning breakthrough.

Coming Up – My experience & results implementing the Miracle Morning strategy!

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