4.30am Miracle morning

I’ve had one of the best mornings ever just today!

I had an early start at 4.30am (a full hour before my alarm goes off), knocked out my basic morning routine, some work and then my fitness routine. It was only 7am then. I rarely have such focus and clarity – I usually spend an extra hour getting distracted on social media and only get my exercise done by 8 or 9am)

Another surprising observation was, my mind was particularly calm and quiet during my exercise. I get the highest flow of ideas when I’m working out. The thoughts that come to me are usually things that occupy my mind most heavily & dictate my emotional state. I may be conscious of some of those thoughts, but the most interesting ones are the subconscious thoughts that rise up.

During physical exercise is when I’m probably closest to being hyper-alert. Not just my mind, but my body too, feels more sensitive to its surroundings – from internal muscle movements, to moving insects in the garden (if that is where I choose to work out).

I was very surprised by the serenity and peace in my mind. The only way I can describe it, is empty. As much as I looked, there were no thoughts. This is very unusual for my buzzing brain. It felt surprisingly good. I relaxed into it, I smiled and enjoyed the emptiness.

I am no scientist, or detective but here’s my best explanation of the higher level of focus and clarity I experienced this morning – I spent 2.5 hours relaxing at the beach yesterday.

Almost like having my own private beach on a weekday afternoon

I love the water. I love being in the ocean. I love waves (when they are not too rough) and the swooshing sound they make. The conditions were perfect yesterday.

I listened to an audio book of ‘the miracle morning’ while I basked in the sun. (Perhaps the audio book had something to do with my ‘miracle morning’ too.)

For those 2 hours, the rest of the world faded away and my physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual batteries were fully recharged.

It feels good. It feels so good to live life with your batteries recharged. It feels even better to have focus, clarity and move with efficiency.

Here’s what I know about relaxation, self love and self care:

  1. Set the intention to totally break away from your daily life. Imagine it was your last day on earth. What would you want to do, how would you want to feel?
  2. Understand yourself – what activity relaxes you the most? A game of soccer? A nourishing brunch? Some music and a nap? Indoors or outdoors? I did my own trial and error to find which activities suited me.
  3. Don’t be afraid to go solo. I love hanging out with my friends. But sometimes, self care is watching a geeky movie all by myself because I may want to pause and replay certain bits.
  4. Time out feels well deserved when you’ve earned it. Give yourself time out as a reward when you’ve achieved your planned tasks/goals for the day. It gives you permission to walk away from your work without guilt and to fully immerse in FUN knowing that you’ve kept your promise to yourself.

This serendipitous morning has given me so many insights on applying intentional relaxation and self care in one’s life. I am so grateful and I hope it has given you some good ideas to implement in your own so you can create your own miracle mornings too.

To greater clarity and focus for all the on purpose readers out there!

p.s review of ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod coming up. For those yet to find your ideal morning routine, this book is a game changer. Stay tuned!

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